Helping your business grow and be more efficient.

Leverage my expertise and experience of setting up and leading large offshore shared services operations. I can support you moving to the setting up phase, making operations efficient and growth & expansion phase.

Whom do I serve

Whom do I serve?

  • Deciding to set up: Organisations deciding to set up shared services.
  • Set up and refine: Organisations that have set up shared services and require refining of operations.
  • Desire to expand: Organisations that have established shared services and are looking to expand and grow their operations – both capabilities and reach.

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What are the challenges you are facing?

Challenges that I can help you address... 

New challenges:

  • Remote working – Processes, Team management, training, retention, etc.
  • Compliance / security
  • Automation, technology disruptions
  • BCP
  • Talent availability


  • Costs
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility for stakeholders
  • Strategic alignment
  • Responsiveness to internal clients and their satisfaction
  • Expansion and growth
  • Engaged employees
  • Moving from cost arbitrage to service orientation

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What do I offer

What do I offer?


  • How the shared services model aligns with the business strategy
  • Setting up the shared services
  • Develop and drive the:
    • Vision
    • Operating model
    • Value proposition
    • Culture

Refining the operations

  • Helping you take the services to next level of performance
  • Operational efficiency: Processes, Metrics, Efficiency, Cost effectiveness
  • People aspects
  • Client aspects
  • Communicate value to stakeholders
  • Risk & compliance


  • Expanding capabilities and offerings
  • Expanding the reach – new internal / external clients
  • Creating products / solutions

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What is my approach?

Understand & diagnose:

  • Understand your current situation and challenges.
  • Determine business needs.
  • Assess and analyse the current processes.


Identify opportunities for improvement:

  • Present findings and recommendations.


Organise and manage the projects (if required):

  • Develop detailed project plans to drive changes and improvements.
  • Provide guidance to address issues and challenges.
  • Track and assess the effectiveness of projects.
  • Communicate regularly with the concerned stakeholders.

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What are my credentials

I offer three decades of experience in providing strategic guidance and operations leadership for off-shoring of shared services.

Summary of my experience:

  • Last 15 years: Setting up and leading offshore shared services.
  • 10 years: Managing country wide business operations – Setting up businesses, managing a geographically dispersed talent pool, revenue generation, profit center management, customer management.
  • 10 years: Front end sales and business development in areas of IT solutions, learning solutions, recruiting solutions.


Functional areas include:

  • Hands-on, in-depth understanding: Sales, Marketing (of services), Learning solutions.
  • Setting up, leadership experience: HR/Talent, Finance, IT services, Helpdesk, Compliance.


Academics: MBA, M.Com., Certified Coach (ICF)

Geographies: I have worked extensively with internal and external customers in India, US & UK. I have also worked with stakeholders in Australia, Canada and Europe. Have a good understanding of ways of working.

I am a builder: I am passionate about building large offshore operations from scratch that deliver value beyond the cost arbitrage. In my recent roles I have built an operation of 600 plus team members from scratch in a span of five years.

Efficient operations: I find it rewarding to improve the efficiency and productivity of the operations. I have restructured operations from a long term strategic perspective. I apply my creativity, leadership and ability to navigate complex and abstract problems.

Strengths: My key strengths include understanding customer needs, building stakeholder relationships, engaging teams, enabling innovation and operational efficiency.

Leadership role in an MNC: In my last leadership role I served as Vice President at an MNC and lead the shared services offshore delivery center (more than 1,000 team members) supporting UK and European geographies. Prior to this role, I have set up and lead large marketing teams supporting the US, Australia, Canada and other geographies. I enjoy nurturing and working in an environment that is inclusive, empowered and encourages continuous learning.

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