About Rohit

Hi, I'm Rohit R. Chowdhry.

I'm a Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker, Author and an Artist. That sounds like a lot, but that's everything that I ever wanted to do! My satisfaction in life comes from being all these. My objective is to support you explore your full potential and discover aspects that help you live a satisfying life.

Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Author:

  • Life coaching, Executive coaching, Transition coaching: I am an ICF certified coach on these areas. I have over three decades of experience playing strategic leadership roles in MNCs. I have coached and mentored several management level professionals, and understand the hurdles people face in being successful at their careers and in being satisfied with their lives. I engage with people to support them explore their full potential in living a satisfying life.
  • Art-based Coaching: Connecting my areas of passion, I also conduct unique art-based coaching sessions. Using painting as a medium you can express your current situation, reflect on your past, develop a visual for your aspired future, and strengthen your will to accomplish it. These sessions are followed up with one to one coaching discussions.
  • Facilitating on custom topics: I have facilitated several training programmes on topics related to leadership competencies and soft skills. I like to share my knowledge and experience with young professionals via customised programmes. I like to engage with people to support them explore their full potential in living a satisfying life. I am happy to engage with your organisation to leverage my experience and speak to your audiences on customised topics.
  • My book: I am passionate about helping people in the path of self-discovery. I believe that the earlier people start on this journey knowing what they would like it to be, the more fulfilling that journey will be. Stemming from this objective, I enjoy speaking to audiences or facilitate workshops on “How to get into your Goldilocks Zone” (book authored by me) on taking the 5 steps to get into their Goldilocks Zone.


  • I offer three decades of experience in providing strategic guidance and operations leadership for off-shoring of shared services (Marketing, HR/Talent, Learning, Finance, IT services, Helpdesk, Compliance). I have worked extensively with internal and external customers in India, US and UK.
  • I am a builder. I am passionate about building large offshore operations from scratch that deliver value beyond the cost arbitrage. In my recent roles I have built an operation of 600 plus team members from scratch in a span of five years.
  • I find it rewarding to improve the efficiency and productivity of the operations. I have also restructured operations from the longer term strategic perspective. I apply my creativity, leadership and ability to navigate complex and abstract problems.
  • My key strengths include understanding customer needs, building stakeholder relationships, engaging teams, enabling innovation and operational efficiency.
  • In my last leadership role I served as Vice President at an MNC and lead the business support operations offshore delivery center (about 1,000 team members) supporting UK and European geographies. Prior to this role, I have lead marketing teams supporting the US, Australia, Canada and other geographies.
  • I enjoy nurturing and working in an environment that is inclusive, empowered and encourages continuous learning.


  • I am passionate about drawing and painting. I never get tired when I am painting. I feel that it helps me to be more creative at other aspects of my life as well. Each painting is unique to me as it is an outcome of certain emotions behind it.
  • I am a self-trained artist. I have been painting excessively for the last few years.
  • I usually paint patterns, places, people and practices. I live in Hyderabad, India. My art is largely centred on Indian cultural aspects, heritage, festivals and mythology...influenced by metaphors and symbols. My paintings usually depict positive messages, optimism, love and care.
  • I usually do acrylic paintings. I have done some oil paintings and crayon work as well. I usually paint on canvas.
  • My work is unique as I bring my perspective and understanding of the Indian culture and its interpretation in patterns aligned with modern thoughts, ideas and challenges.
  • You can choose a painting you want to buy from my gallery. I can also paint something customised for you.

Find inspiration in
making the best of your life on this planet!

"Your tips aid me in investing my time on myself, in digging deep within to help me make the best of my life. Thank you Rohit!"

- Charles Trevor, Denver, USA.

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